How to plan a 2024 Wedding!

How to plan a 2024 Wedding!

2024 is here! But does this mean it's too late to plan a Wedding for 2024...?

Absolutely not!! 

According to our reliable source (google!), most couples book their wedding from 10 months - 2 years in advance. 

At Trevenna we find some of our couples book their Weddings as far in advance as possible. In fact some of our lovely couples put dates on hold with us before we've even opened our diary for bookings! Other couples come to us & say there are no reasons to wait, so what's our soonest available date. 

If you're the latter type of couple, we have a few tips to help plan your wedding in 2024 within just a few months! 


Your Venue

First of all, we'd suggest finding your venue...

The venue is one of the most important places to start. You may think we are biased here, however, hear us out! 

Once you've found 'your venue', you need to find your date! Without a venue & date, it really is impossible to plan anything!

The best way to find out availability is to contact a venue direct and ask what dates are available during your ideal wedding date in 2024. 

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

It goes without saying, Autumn & Winter will of course give you more time to plan, however, if you have your heart set on a Spring or Summer Wedding, you do still have time! 

Booking your registrars, a celebrant or a church

As soon as you have found your venue with a date, consider your idea style of ceremony. 

If you are planning to have your legal ceremony by a registrar at your venue, you need to give notice. The time for a legal notice of marriage is only 29 days (so you do have time!).

Churches may vary, so always reach out to your desired church as soon as you have a date. 

Ceremonies conducted by a celebrants do not require any notice. However, if you are intending to head to the Registration Office go get married before you arrive at your venue for your celebrant led ceremony, you would still be required to give 29 days notice of the Registration Office marriage. 

Save the dates! 

It is so exciting to find a venue, a date, and know you are able to arrange a ceremony in time. BUT, we suggest checking with your key people that they can attend on that date and location before confirming the venue date and ceremony details. You know the guests we mean, the ones you couldn't possibly get married without. Once you have confirmation your key people can make your date, it's time to let your other guests know they need to start wedding outfit shopping! 

 We don't just mean people either... 


As a Wedding venue, we have a great list of suppliers we know well, fully trust & work with often. However, we know as a Bride / Groom to be, finding suppliers can be a daunting task. We would always suggest asking your venue for recommendations. At Trevenna, once we understand the style of wedding vibe you are planning, we can then help find suppliers we think you'd enjoy working with & who would compliment your style. It is so important to feel relaxed around your suppliers, a photographer you 'click' with will ensure your wedding pictures look relaxed & natural.

Dress & Suit Shopping!

Most Wedding dress shops ideally like 6 months for a designer dress to be customised for you. Don't let this deter you from a Spring or Summer Wedding though, we have heard of designer dresses taking a small number of weeks. When you go clothes shopping, your dress & suit shops will want to know your Wedding date & will then be able to advise you on timeframes. 


The fun bits! 

As soon as you have your venue, the fun really starts! Other details can now be planned and booked! Relief! 

We love working with you to create your wedding menus. Trevenna couples enjoy attending our food festivals and food tastings. Discussing menu styles, tasting food, sipping wines with our wine experts and drinking cocktails with our bar team really helps to bring your wedding day to life, months before the actual day!  

Team Trevenna is available to help & answer any food & drink questions our couples may have. 

The Cake!

Cake trying...what more do we need to say about this apart from use any excuse to try cake! 

Venue Styling & Flowers

When your venue & date is confirmed, you'll find it easier to start thinking about decor as usually this will be inspired by your venue location. However, the best starting place is to consider what you actually like (rather than what is trending). Then grow your style naturally from here. 

Florists are extremely creative and will often turn a simple idea, a favourite flower or colour into a focal point for your day. 

Considering 2024?

We would love to hear from you whenever you are considering getting married! However, if you are keen on 2024 - get in touch soon as we can accelerate your plans with dates, suppliers and a Kitchen & Bar Team ready to serve your guests. 


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