Ceremonies, Celebrations, Capacity, Accommodation, etc.


How many guests may we have for the ceremony?

Up to 120 day guests for the Ceremony in the Mowhay, Garden Venue, or outside by the Arbour or Walled Garden

How many guests may we have for a seated wedding feast?

Up to 120 people including the couple in the Garden Venue.

How many evening guests may we have?

Up to 150 max guests in the evening for the celebrations using the Garden Venue & Threshing Bar.

How many bed spaces are there?

For 2024, Trevenna will have 45 bed spaces for guests including the couple.

For 2023, Trevenna has 41 bed spaces for guests including the couple.


Who can provide a civil marriage ceremony at Trevenna?

The registrars representing the Cornwall Registration Service provide legally binding marriage ceremonies at Trevenna (as an approved licensed venue).

Cornwall Registration Service: 0300 123 4181

Who can be a Celebrant at Trevenna as we will already be legally married?

Any person can be a celebrant and provide a celebration ceremony. This could be family or friend. However, there are excellent professional celebrants skilled at delivering wonderful celebrations.

Could we get married in a local Church and then come to Trevenna?

Yes. If you are able to arrange a marriage ceremony in a local church, Trevenna could then be your reception and celebration venue.


Are there set menus?

No. Trevenna creates unqiue menus for our wedding couples. However, we do have lot of ideas, suggestions and experience.

Can we book in for a Food Festival?

Food Festivals are for our couples who are booked in with a wedding date. We get you booked into a Food Festival straight away!

Can Trevenna cater for those guests with dietary requirements?

Yes. Trevenna can cater for guests with different dietary needs. However, guests with serious allergies should contact us to agree their menu as we cannot guarantee any of our foods are 100% free of alleergens.

Can Trevenna provide Vegan & Vegeterian dishes?

Yes. Trevenna can provide entirely vegan and vegeterian menus for a stay, or dishes as part of a range of options.


What drinks are stocked by Trevenna's bars?

Yes. Trevenna provides 2 well stocked bars inclding draft lagers, ales and ciders, Cornish spirits, wines and champagnes.

Download Bar List

Is there corkage?

Within Inclusive Hire wedding bookings, Trevenna includes half a bottle of wine, a celebration drinks and prosecco. The included wine may be swapped for a half a bottle of brought in wine, corkage free.

Does the bar accept payment by cards?

Trevenna bars accept cash, cards and contactless. Bar Tabs may be set up by any guest with a card.


How many guests can stay at Trevenna?

Trevenna has 41 beds for 41 people (including the couple) in 2023.

From 2024, Trevenna will have 45 beds for 41 people (including the couple)

Trevenna’s on-site accommodation is located within our beautifully converted Barns and Farm House, around the yard near to the Garden Venue.

Couples are responsible for the allocation of guests to specific beds.

To see Floor Plans of the Barns/Rooms and the Yard Map, and how to allocate your guests to specific Rooms & Beds, see the following links:

Allocate guests to be beds - Download the Bed Schedule

Yard Plan with Barn Floor Plans - Download Map

Bed Schedule

This schedule lists the barns and their bedroom/bed configurations. Use this schedule when planning where guests will sleep.

Download Bed Schedule

Yard Plan

Map showing the location of each barn and floor plans.

Download Yard Plan