Regenerative Celebrations

Beautiful seasonal celebrations which encourage the regeneration of Trevenna's biodiversity and wider Cornwall, with a positive impact continuing for years to come.

By making considered choices we can all boast environmental recovery.

We have put together a collection of menus, wine lists, bar lists, wedding cake ideas, and collaborations with garden growing florists to make it simpler for us all to create celebrations with a positive impact.

All we need is an openness to embrace the seasons.


By acknowledging the transitions of the seasons, we are able to create Feasts which celebrate flavours as they appear naturally in the year at the date of your gathering.

How does it work?

Rather than being fixed on "carrot & ginger" soup, go for "seasonal soup" and let the seasons provide the timely ingredients.

Your Feast menu will showcase the taste of the season.

Seasonal Menus


Working with whats growing in our area at the time of your celebration captures that moment of the season on your day.

Our collaboration with Becca of the Garden Gate Flower Company with a growing patch 5 miles from Trevenna, allows your floral decor to call out the season.

Floral Details


The layers of cakes which build up a wedding or birthday cake can be baked with all kinds of ingredients and flavours.

Carrot cakes are well loved.

What about a seasonal cake layer? Imagine courgette cake, parsnip cake, pumpkin cake or a display of beetroot brownie!

Cake List


Elegant Cornish & English wines & sparkling to grace your feasting tables.

Toast the difference with a sparkling cider or perry.

Where our taste buds have travelled, consider international wines with a sustainable ethos.

Wine List


Locally made spirits with garden botanicals for the ultimate Cocktail Bar.

Gin & Vodka based cocktails made from potatoes 5 miles away.

Beers made from grains grown in Cornwall, brewed locally.

Drinks List

Decor & Details

It's natural to express our creative flair with table plans and decorations.

We have created a few standard pieces which can be repurposed, styled as your own and featured during your celebrations.

Decoration Items