Real Life: Wood & Wool

Ashleigh & Greg’s Colourful Autumn Wedding

7th & 8th November 2018


“We wanted a casual, fun, colourful autumn wedding. American fall/autumn was a big inspiration, lots of dark warm colours, dried flowers and green foliage, pumpkins and food to match like donuts, pumpkin pies, candy apples and candy corn. There was a bit of boho in my outfit, but nature was still a main focus with my dried flower crown.”

Ashleigh’s Dress hanging over the Threshing Barn Stairs

Ashleigh’s Boots & Garland Ready & Waiting

Ashleigh’s Bouquet of Flowers

Ashleigh getting ready for the Ceremony


Ashleigh’s final look in the Mirror

Ashleigh Wedding Ready

Greg Wedding Ready

Greg & His Groomsmen on the way to the Ceremony


Ashleigh & Greg were married in the Threshing Barn at Trevenna

Greg’s First Look at Ashleigh 

Celebrations at Trevenna

“We were looking for a place that was rustic and within a beautiful surrounding and a hint of cornish charm. We also wanted a place not too formal where we could have fun and a beautiful wedding.We had a lot of family coming from far away and it was perfect that Trevenna has accommodation. That made the venue perfect. It ticked all the boxes.”

Ashleigh & Greg enjoying a cocktail

Ashleigh having some Girly Time 

Enjoying a Drum Workshop

Autumn Views

Autumn Walks

Ashleigh & Greg disappearing into the Woods

Wedding Feast Menu

Wedding Feast Prepared and Homemade at Trevenna

Sharing Starters

Trevenna’s Homemade breads served with Cornish Butter and dipping olive and balsamic oils

Homemade Hummus & a Dash of Pesto

Pan Fried Halloumi with Lime & Caper Vinaigrette

Baked Tomato & Chilli Avocado

Sharing BBQ Mains

Slow Roasted Brisket

Apricot Chicken Legs

Trio of Sausages

BBQ Sides

Avacado & Tomato Salad

Beans, Peas & Feta Salad

Green Leafy Seasonal Salad

Root Vegetable Coleslaw

Warm Seasonal Greens & Vegetables

Roasted New Potatoes

Trio of Desserts

Chocolate Mousse Pot, Honeycomb Crumble & Homemade Wafer

Lime & Mandarin Cheesecake

Passion fruit Tart with Blueberry Compote

Oak Plank & Ferns 

Autumn Tables

Ashleigh & Greg’s Donut Wall

Colourful Autumn Cake

Top table

Into the Evening

Lighting up the Night

Any Tips for Future Brides

“Do what makes you and your partner happy and make decisions based on what you want. Not the guests. It’s hard to do and easy to say but there was a lot of times I was thinking about what other people would want, rather than us. Everyone still had a great time, they just go along with the flow and it made the day perfect for us knowing we had everything we wanted.”

Congratulations Ashleigh & Greg

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Florist : Twigs & Green

Cake : Jenna Reskelly