Tower Strawberry Tea Pictures

Thank you to everyone who came to Trevenna for the Strawberry Tea to raise funds for the St. Neot Church Tower restoration, on Sunday 5th June 2016.


Tower of St. Neot Church, with gate arch decorated for Sharon & Jamie’s Wedding

Married Couples returned with Babies!

It was lovely to welcome back so many married Trevenna couples, some who married in St. Neot Church, with their children and new babies.


 Sharon & Jamie

The day was blessed with beautiful blue & sunny Cornish skies. Children played cricked on the Arbour Lawn, while parents & babies found shade under the ancient Sycamore Tree.


Pedestal of Strawberries @ The Trevenna Strawberry Tea



Beverley & Sebastian

Country Style Decoration

The Garden Venue was decorated in a country fete style under the creative guidance of Mandy of Team Trevenna. Flowers from gardens in the village were kindly donated to provide a natural & seasonal floral display.

File 08-06-2016, 08 19 13

Seasonal flowers including Pink Campions & Euphorbia.

Strawberries, Clotted Cream, Cakes & Sandwiches

Sandwiches & cakes were served with rounds and rounds of Pots of Tea before the Strawberries & Clotted Cream highlight.




Thanks Again for Your Kind Support


8th June 2016