Reviews – Thank You for Your Thank You Cards

As all our couples know, a few words can change everything and last a life time,… We feel the same about the gorgeous reviews and comments Team Trevenna receives from couples, their families, friends.

We keep all cards, letters and reviews – the hand written comments remind us daily of who we are what Trevenna stands for.

We just want to say THANK YOU!


 Wedding Host – “Hows it going here on the top table?”

Thank You Cards from Couples

Each card brings back the memories, of the viewing, the planning, tasting at the Food Festival, the pre-wedding last minute calls, turning up with a car full of dresses and decorations for the wedding stay, and their families & friends arriving for check in,… then what happens speaks for itself!

“Dear Team Trevenna, a little note to say a big THANK YOU for making our wedding day so special”. Andrea & Daniel

“From our first visit 2 years ago, we knew straight away we wanted our wedding celebrations at Trevenna”. Charlotte & Paul

“Thanks so much!” Holly & Nic

“The food was fantastic and the service was exceptional”, Mr & Mrs Davies

“Your support before the wedding and hard work on the day were truly amazing”.  Steph & Chris




Thank you notes from Parents, Family & Friends 

Comments from family and guests take a different perspective on their Trevenna wedding experience, often thanking the team for allowing them to make the most of spending time together in a beautiful location without the usual wedding rush!

“Well…what can I say…what a fabulous wedding!!! There really is not enough words to thank you for all your hard work and organisational skills. You so deserve Trevenna to be a success that it is. It truly is a wonderful place”. Stuart & Ruth

“The constant supply of coffee and the superb breakfast on the Sunday all added to the weekend. We had a lovely, lovely time and we know Lucy & Neil were completely overwhelmed. We will have no hesitation in recommending Trevenna, … in fact we have had a couple of enquiries already!” Jenny & Andrew

“Enormous thank you for all your support and kindness over the weekend. It was an incredible occasion – Trevenna is an enchanting venue, totally unique. It felt wonderful to leave our own worlds behind at the gate, to relax, enjoy, socialise and celebrate, soaking up the surroundings & atmosphere. The food was delicious, fantastic accommodation and everyone was so friendly and helpful” Polly





Trevenna ended up with 2 facebook pages, the official page by Trevenna and another unofficial page which grew and become popular for check ins, over 7000! These two pages will soon be merged. Unfortunately, the reviews, comments and pictures from the unofficial page cannot be carried over to the official page – this will be sad for us as every word represents a memory and a good time @ Trevenna. So, we have downloaded them and will post them as as a PDF soon. If you made a review – please accept our thank you here.

Our Official FaceBook page is here

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FaceBook, Claire Pendreigh, 24th May 2016 




 New Baby News! 

There is nothing like the news coming through the Farm House door in early morning of a new baby to stop the team in their tracks! It reminds us all how lucky we are to be apart of 2 families coming together and to share in news that their new family is growing.

“How lovely is this – we saw one of our wedding guests over the weekend who had been to Cornwall & had made a detour to Trevenna because of all the happy memories we had! I would also like to verify that the wedding was so much better than the birth of our 1st baby, not because the birth was so terrible but because the wedding was so awesome! Love to you all, Sarah & Ralph xxx




Reviews from Photographers, Florists, DJs & Bands… 


The team also receive kind comments from the talented external suppliers who come to Trevenna to be creative, decorate with flowers, capture the moments and entertain our guests.



Thanks Again, With love from Team Trevenna xxx