Plant-based Feasts

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WED Magazine September 2020

Are you considering a plant-based Wedding Feast?

We love the trend for couples aiming for vegetarian, vegan and plant based dishes to become a signature of their Wedding Feast, rather than as a side or alternative dish.

Our new plant-based menus provide the inspiration to satisfy your guests with a feast they will remember!

These ideas also provide stand out plant-based side dishes to compliment quality meat and fish dishes.

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How do we start creating a plant-based Wedding Feast?

Consider what is growing, ripening and ready to harvest around the date of your wedding.

Seasonal menus ensure vegetables going into your feast recipes are at their best and sourced locally.

Leeks growing in Trevenna walled  garden


The days of 3 boiled vegetables falling off the edge of a plate are gone (thankfully).

Combining vegetables with fresh herbs and considering how they compliment each other, and how they can be presented provides a wonderful show of colours and tastes.

Delicious Leek  & Chard Cratin melting on the plate

Freshly dug heritage purple carrots

Finished with thyme from the herb knot 

Slow roasted, deep flavours & colourful 

Beetroot dauphinoise combing textures and tastes 


Form, shape & colours – plants provide feasts for the eyes!

Sweet Potato & Beetroot Cake

Spinach & Chickpea 

Upside down mini onion balsamic tart

Green beans and garlic dressing 

Slow Red Cabbage

Roasted & seasonal

Delicate herb garnish

Colourful sharing dishes served to the table


All our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients in our Farm Kitchen, and served straight to your feasting tables.

On goes the crust

Upside down onion tart

Straight out of the oven


Potatoes are a national favourite. Fantastic as classic roasted potatoes or presented as Saddlebacks. For a real treat, try new caramelised potatoes.


Trevenna new potatoes – golden! 


Plant-based dishes served to the table for your sociable and scrumptious Wedding Feast!

The colour of Kale


Photography kindly by Laura Buffery

Menu Stationary kindly by Laura Likes