New Farm Kitchen

Every wedding day our new Farm Kitchen prepares, bakes & serves fresh Artisan Breads for our Wedding Guests. Its who we are, … wholesome & homemade!

The central work island of the new Farm Kitchen is modelled on the original kitchen in the Farmhouse with its large central 200 year old kitchen table (now used by guests who sit around the table when enjoying very sociable Welcome Dinners, and breakfasts the morning before & after wedding celebrations in the original Farm House). Our new central work space is perfect for kneading dough, creaming desserts, decorating Wedding Cakes, preparing & serving 120 Wedding Feast guests, … whatever menu our couples have designed!

With no set menus, Trevenna’s Farm Kitchen is an adaptable space to deliver the ever changing trends in food for our Wedding Couples and their guests, from Gastro Farm House style Wedding Feasts, Hog Roasts & BBQs, to a fusion of urban Street Foods & Farmers Market Stall late night Evening Munchies! With 18 gas hobs & 6 ovens – Trevenna is ready for your Wedding Feast!

Download our new Wedding Menu Brochure for suggestions to get your taste buds going! Remember, there are no set menus, … we are looking forward to working with you to create your own Wedding Feast menu.

The new Farm Kitchen was built during 2015/2016 from the ground up! Clad in oak and topped off with a classic Cornish Slate Double Hipped Roof, the Farm Kitchen sits naturally within the original Trevenna Barn-scape as evolved over 100s of years.

Here are a few of our images along the way, and with special thanks to the talented IUC Photography for our behind the scenes cooking action shots,  ( 

Ali&NeilNarquee New Farm Kitchen left of  Threshing Venue. Traditional reclaimed Double Hipped Slate Roof & Oak Cladding within historic Barn-Scape.  (


KitchenPassLongCrop Central work island for preparing homemade Wedding Feasts.


KitchenFireLongCropStraight to your Wedding Feasting Tables. (


Ali&NeilJoLongCropBustling wedding day with Hosting Team serving to guest tables (image:


FoodFestivalCheeseCakeStandLongCropVanilla Cheesecake & Berries made in the Farm Kitchen by Trevenna (


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Building the new Farm Kitchen from the ground up! Traditional handmade Kind Trusses, Double Hipped Cornish Slate Roof and Oak Cladding.