Naked Cakes

Homemade Naked Wedding Cakes

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A Naked Wedding Cake is formed from a series of cake Tiers.

From what size do Naked Wedding Cakes start? 

The smallest Naked Wedding Cake is formed of 3 Tiers.

How many individual sponges make a Tier? 

Each Tier is formed from 3 individual sponges of the same diameter.

What Diameter are the different Tiers?

The dimensions of the Tiers are as follows:

Top Tier = 6 inch

Middle Tier = 8 Inch

Bottom Tier = 10 Inch

How many guests will the 3 Tier cake feed? 

A 3 tier Naked Cake will provide enough cake for around 80 guests.

Just Bring the Dress

Cakes provided within Just Bring the Dress include a 3 tier Naked Sponge Tower, as detailed above, finished with fresh berries.


3 Tiers of Vanilla Sponges layered with Cornish Strawberry Jam & Butter Cream, decorated with Florists Flowers. 

4 Tier Naked Sponge with Fresh Berries, Almond Biscuit & Hessian Ribbon Wrap, finished with Florists Flowers

Winter Inspired 3 Tier Cranberries, Cinnamon & Fir


Additional Tiers may be added

Extra 4th Tier £50


Each Tier can be made from a multiple of different flavour sponges, so if you have something special in mind then please get in contact.


Cake Toppers can provide the personal touch, making the Naked Cake unique. Floral Cake Toppers tend to match the Wedding Flowers. Other styles of Cake Toppers tend to be a nod to the couple, bringing a smile to their guests!


Different finishes may be added to a Naked Cake;

Scraped Buttercream £30

Buttercream Frosting £50

Scraped Buttercream 3 Tier with Floral Decoration

Scraped Buttercream 3 Tier Naked Sponge Tower & Fresh Flowers

Scraped Buttercream 4 Tier Naked Sponge Tower & Rustic Greenery

Buttercream Frosting 3 Tier Sponge Cake with & Floral Decoration

We hope this has helped you both and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact Trevenna Cakes.

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