Love of Lavender

Swathes of Lavender

We love Lavender at Trevenna! Lavender grows well here in our sunny outlook forming generous swathes, patches and random clumps.

From early June, Lavender creates a brilliant flush of colour and provides a fragrant treat as the flowers and stems are brushed passed when walking by.

Lavender wall between the Garden Venue & Pond

Honey Bees

Lavender, Borage & Marjoram are among some of the most attractive flowers to bees. We have been busy this spring planting more of these plants for our new Cornish Black Honey Bees.

The Good News! Fragrant Lavender plants have both pollen and nectar to feed the bees!

Garden Venue & Threshing Barn in morning sun

Sustainable Wedding Decor

We love to see Trevenna decorated in different wedding styles.

Natural, seasonal and sustainable floral decorations are a trend that we continue to see more and more, and love!

A few sprigs of Lavender lift a crisp white napkin on your Wedding Tables into a work of natural art.

Guests could take these Lavender decorations home as as keep sake and to scent their chest of draws!

Natural Floral Decoration Napkin

Lavender, Heathers & Cat Mint

Bees also love Cat Mint, but that story is for another journal to come!