Garden Crostini

Garden Kitchen

Cooking outside in the Walled Garden is a lovely treat celebrating a close connection between growing food and the food we serve.

Trestle Table Kitchen between the Veg Beds!

Garden Crostini

Crostini are Italian inspired nibbles created from small slices of grilled or toasted bread with a delicious topping.

The range of toppings is unlimited, however our Seasonal Garden Crostini are always a hit delivering the taste of fresh produce to any celebration, any time of year.

Broad Beans

In early June, over wintered Broad Beans are ripening in their pods – perfect for Garden Crostini!

Broad Bean Rows

The beans form in linear pods hanging from the stem of the Broad Bean plant seen here in the Walled Kitchen Garden at Trevenna.

Broad Bean Pods 

The pods are waxy on the outside with a furry lining. As the beans ripen inside, the pods begin to swell in size.

Whole Garlic!

Garlic adds a depth of flavour to any fresh dish. Garlic can be used fresh from the garden, like this lovely specimen.

(However, if we dry the garlic with its leaves and roots still attached for a few weeks in a cool, dry, ventilated barn, the garlic bulbs will last for months). 

Outdoor Kitchen

A simple Trestle Table and camping gas stove in the Walled Kitchen Garden with vegetables and herbs on hand.

Garden Kitchen Trestle

Broad Bean Crostini Recipe

Handful of Broad Beans (removed from pods, gently boiled, cooled under water and skins removed)

3 Garlic Cloves (finely diced)

Radish to garnish (thinly sliced)

Garden Mint (leaves sliced into thin slithers) 

1/2 Lemon (Zested & Juiced)

Coarse Black Pepper (add to season)

Ciabatta style bread (Sliced, dribbled with olive oil and toasted in the oven)

Olive Oil

Goats Cheese (Optional)

Beans & Pods

Crostini Topping Ingredients 

Broad beans with skins removed, freshly garlic cloves, olive oil, radish, cracked black pepper and fresh garden mint.

Bread oven baked in Olive Oil

Sliced Ciabatta dribbled with olive oil baked gently in the oven until toasted.


  • Remove fresh beans from their pods and gently boil with their outer skin still on. The outer skins are then easily removed after boiling (although this can be a fiddle!). 


  • Combine the Broad Beans, diced Garlic, sliced Mint, lemon zest & juice and a dash of Olive Oil and combine to together with a fork. (The broad beans will begin to brake a part. Allows this to happen but try to avoid over crushing the beans to maintain structure). Add Black Pepper to taste.


  • Crumbly Cornish Goats Cheese could be added at this step.


  • Spoon the Broad Bean mixture on to the Toasted Bread, garnish with a very thinly slice of Radish and decorate with the flower.

Garden Crostini Canape

Garden Crostini Canape 

Broad Bean Crostini with radish and flower to garnish. The Radish provides a little kick at the end!

These canapes are vegan. However, vegetarian version are easily created with the additional of crumbly Cornish Goats Cheese!