Elderflower Presse

Hint of Summer

Refreshing & fragrant, Elderflower cordial made in late May near the end of Spring producing a hint of the Summer to come.

Elderflower Presse 

The golden moment to make Elderflower is when buds are partially opened giving a deeper floral taste. The Elder Tree provides plenty of flowers, fanning out on the tree like a display of small bone china tea saucers; creamy, faded gold and white.

Flower of the Elder Tree

The Elder Tree appears to be happy growing on a hedge, any forgotten corner of a paddock, or on the edge of a woodland.

Elder Tree growing between the stones of an old barn 

Different Elder trees produce a variant tasting Elderflowers. Ensure to smell the flower before picking! Select the sweetest. We have different tastes from different trees on the farm.

We also have our favourite Elder trees found deep within the farm which we use for making Elderflower Cordial.

Elder tree growing within the hedgerow

Elder Tree in flower within the hedgerow rising above the pink campions.

Cordial or is it Presse?

As we understand it, Cordial is the primary syrup made from the recipe below.

Elderflower Cordial can be mixed with still water as a long refreshing drink, mixed with sparkling water into a Presse with a sprig of Garden Mint, or with Prosecco or Champagne as an Elderflower Cocktail.

“Homemade Elderflower Champagne is the next level!”

Floral Arrival

All our guests arriving after a long journey to Cornwall for Barn Check In for a Wedding stay, are treated to a class of chilled Elderflower made with Trevenna Spring water, cucumber, garden mint and ice.

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Easy & honest, classic Elderflower cordial recipe using foraged Elderflowers in late May.

Elderflowers ready to washed


20 Fresh Elderflower Heads (stalks trimmed off) 

2.5kg of Granulated Sugar

2 Lemons

85kg Citric Acid (available from Chemists)


  • Fill up a large washing bowl with cold water and add the Elderflowers. Swish around to remove any bugs, dirt etc. Take out the Elderflowers and gently shake off any water, and place on a dry clean tea towel.

  • Remove the wax from the lemons. Using a potato peeler pare the zest from the lemons. Then cut the lemons into rounds.

  • Using the largest saucepan, pour in 1.5litres of water (we use Trevenna Spring water bubbled up on the day). 

  • Add the Sugar to the saucepan and gently heat the water until all the Sugar has dissolved. Do not boil just yet! Stir the water every now and again.

  • When the Sugar has dissolved, gently bring the syrup to the boil, and then turn off the heat and allow to cool.

  • Add the Elderflowers, Lemon rounds, Lemon Zest and Citric Acid to the cooled Sugar Syrup and stir well.

  • Cover the saucepan and leave for 24 hours.

  •  Stretch a fine tea towel or ideally a muslin over a large mixing bowl and slowly ladle in the syrup. (This will slowly drip through) 

  • The Cordial is now ready to drink!

  • Mix with sparkling water for a Presse, mix with Prosecco for a treat, or safely store away in sterilised bottles.

Late Spring All Year

Stored correctly, Elderflower Cordial is a lovely fragrant drink to enjoy whenever you need that, “late Spring hint of summer feeling!”