Cornish Bride

Full of Flowers

The rose bush in the Stable Garden, “Cornish Bride”, is in full bloom with masses of rose buds and opening rose flowers.

Gifted to Trevenna by Registrars who retired from the Cornwall Registration Service many years ago, the Rose has continued to thrive in the garden between the Stable and the Wagon House.

Delicate cream petals 

Generous Flowering Season

The Cornish Bride Rose bush flowers from the middle of a fair May and on until October.

The bush produces a generous crop of flowers (provided we dead head the bush, which can feel like a daily job when the weather is right!). 

Multiple Rose Flowers to each stem

Wagon House Roof

The rose bush appears to be as tall as a building, but is actually planted in the Stable Garden which is about 1.5 metres from the roof of the Wagon House. (Cornish stone barns are often built into the side of a slope on one side). 

Under planted with Hostas, the flowering Rose provides a delicate contrast between the architectual leaves of the Hostas and the original and restored diminishing rag slate roof of the Wagon House. The slates are wider at the bottom of the roof, and diminish in width and height towards to the ridge tile. This traditional slate roof technique allows all slate sizes to be used and restores the roof as it was before we diversified.

View from Stable Garden towards Privy