Coming Home for Christmas

Homely Baking

24th December 2016.

There is nothing quite like homemade Baking to make our Guests feel at home over the Christmas Season. Panettone, Biscotti and Amaretti, baked in the Farm Kitchen, all served with lashings of Cornish Clotted Cream & Coffee.


A soft airy bread made from an aromatic combination of Fresh Oranges,Peel, Vanilla Pods and a shot of Disaronno.

Oranges, Sultanas, Peel, Vanilla Pods & Disarrono 

A full day of Mixing, Kneading & Proving

Mixture doubles in size, … a few times! Spooned into paper cases for baking. 

Baked Panettone hanging upside down while cooling to prevent the baked dough from collapsing

Panettone baked by Trevenna Kitchen for Christmas Season


Crunchy & Sweat Pistachio Biscotti, baked as a log and then sliced and baked again so they crisp up.

Beaten Butter

Crunchy Biscotti for dipping in Coffee


Combine Ground Almonds, Eggs Whites & Amaretto to create soft Amaretti.

Dessert spoon size portions of mix ready to to baked. 

Cooling Tray of Amaretti

Homemade baking ready for Christmas.