Christmas Farm House

Farm House Christmas Christmas at Trevenna brings alive the warm historic elements of the barns & Farm House with seasonal decorations. Here are a few of the highlights, Trees, Wreaths and Garlands of….

Pompon Dhalias

Pops of Colour! 1st October 2020 Generous flowering Dahlias surprise every year, blooming from Summer into Autumn. Here are a few specimens, which come again year after year. Growing at the bottom….

Plant-based Feasts

In the Press! WED Magazine September 2020 Are you considering a plant-based Wedding Feast? We love the trend for couples aiming for vegetarian, vegan and plant based dishes to become a signature….

Daisy Bloom

Haze of White Flowers During early July, the long tall stems of Daisies open up with glorious pride, creating a haze of white flowers around the Wagon House Garden. Wagon House, Stable….

Garden Trestle

Thank You & Welcome Back! Our Garden Trestle, full of rainbow colour representing all Key Workers, our Couples, their Families & Friends, our team and all who have been impacted during this….