Weddings Early 2019

We host wonderful weddings with homemade food in beautiful barns whatever the Season throughout the year! EARLY WEDDINGS 2019 Winter Weddings are cosy and romantic here at Trevenna with real log fires,….

Cornish Pancakes

Where there is homemade Food there is love, … 28th February 2017.  Delicious Pancakes from Trevenna Farm Kitchen filled with Cornish goodness! Flour, Farm Eggs & Fresh Cornish Milk Simple pancake batter….

Floral Hearts

Romantic Floral Inspiration 14th February 2017.  Heart Shapes are trending everywhere today and provided the inspiration for these floral wreaths. These romantic hearts were created by Sharon Mesher wedding flowers, and make beautiful hanging….

Arbour Decoration Ideas

Yours to Decorate Traditional Oak Arbour with Slate Roof.  During the Winter months when the Arbour stands still, we know our Couples are at home planning their wedding details and Outdoor Ceremony decorations…..

Venue for All Seasons

Colourful Seasons 29th December 2016.  Thank You for a year full of Weddings throughout every season here at Trevenna during 2016. The ancient trees surrounding the Barns provide a constant but ever changing beautiful backdrop to….