Cornish Pancakes

Where there is homemade Food there is love, … 28th February 2017.  Delicious Pancakes from Trevenna Farm Kitchen filled with Cornish goodness! Flour, Farm Eggs & Fresh Cornish Milk Simple pancake batter….

Home Baking at our Heart!

With the Love of Baking! Valentines Weekend 2017 Home Baking is at the heart of all Trevenna weddings, made fresh in the Trevenna Bakery. Come on in!  Homemade Scones, Cornish Clotted Cream on….

Coming Home for Christmas

Homely Baking 24th December 2016. There is nothing quite like homemade Baking to make our Guests feel at home over the Christmas Season. Panettone, Biscotti and Amaretti, baked in the Farm Kitchen,….

Cornish Produce

D E L I C I O U S welcome! We are fortunate to welcome couples, families and their guests from all over the world to marry and celebrate at Trevenna. A tasty….