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Events our Guests Love

Trevenna is a creative & productive environment, hosting Food & Drink events all year, with an established reputation for on trend wedding celebrations. 

Every day, we aim to deliver weddings & events that our guests love, forever.

Do you believe you can make a difference in someone’s day? 

Good news, we are seeking new people to join Team Trevenna this Autumn!

Join Our Team

“Attitude” – the most important part of your CV

Do you care about people and the difference you can make in their life?

Do you have a passion for learning about using home grown & locally sourced ingredients to produce & serve authentic homemade dishes?

Do you have a genuine approach to service where you understand that an exceptional experience arises from attention to details?

Are you interested in foods & drinks prepared from fresh ingredients using traditional and contemporary methods, celebrating nature’s tastes and moving towards a globally sustainable menu?

Are you ready and prepared for personal growth?

If this is you, Trevenna has exciting opportunities!

New Graduate Programme

Kick start your career gaining valuable skills & real experience in customer service within our new Graduate Programme. Work across all teams at Trevenna, on business development projects, administration, service delivery and become responsible for getting tasks done. Our new Graduate Programme is open for candidates of any discipline. If you are keen to learn and deliver all aspects of a Wedding Venue, send your CV to

Event Hosting & Bar Team

If you are 16 or over and would like to be a member of a vibrant team hosting weddings with flexible shifts starting as early as 8am and finishing as late as 1am, working some weekends and weekdays, send your CV to


Our beautiful kitchen is at the heart of Trevenna.

Trainee Chefs

Bread making, Baking, Pastry, Meat & Fish – chefs at Trevenna must know their stuff. If you are interested in a career in the kitchen and have the inclination to learn, we have the expertise to share. Send your CV to

Experienced Chefs

Do you have a love for the good life? Creating stocks full of flavour using herbs and vegetables from our new Kitchen Garden, making scones by hand, baking cakes and desserts and taking your time to slowly cook meats, and flash cook fish right before service? Send your CV to

Training Academy

Our members of Team Trevenna are encouraged to learn new skills and develop confidence within the work place. Trevenna provides training across all aspects of hospitality and sponsors attendance on educational courses and professional certifications.

Recruitment Week

We are receiving applications now, in advance of our recruitment week starting Monday 14th October 2019.

Send your CV to

Closing Date for Applications Friday 11th October.