Bluebells in the Woods!

The warm Cornish sun last weekend has encouraged the forest floor of the Rookery Wood at Trevenna to turn from lime green to a carpet of blue – Yes! … the Bluebells have opened!

Trevenna’s ancient Beech trees create a towering back drop to the Barns and continue to wrap around the back of the Farm House growing into the Rookery Wood – a naturally beautiful location for wedding photos.

With the Bluebells now open, the Rookery Woods is looking stunning and ready for this weekend!

Here are a few images taken over the last few years in the Rookery at Trevenna.


21st May 2016



Bluebell Blue & Lime Green Beech Leaves. Light & Dark Shades



Bridal Bluebell Walk


BlueBellOfficerSquareCropBlubells under Beech Tree Rookery Woods @ Trevenna (



Spring Bluebells & logs for the Winter! (


For 100s of years, a water leat ran behind the farm bringing water from high on the moors to Trevenna and onto other farms, finally making its way onto Goonzion Moors for streaming tin. The leat is still visible from the carpark today. The Beech trees have taken advantage of the constant supply of water and grown to the impressive size we enjoy today.