Blooming Great

To everyone at Trevenna,

You must get so bored of receiving these! Glowing praise, massive thanks, etc etc, … What can we say that you may (the fourth be with you!) not have heard before? Umm… The whole weekend was totally AWESOME! The venue, accommodation, the food (oh my God the Food) and the staff were everything and more than we could have hoped for. We took over for 3 days and you let us, facilitating our needs usually before we even had them! We don’t remember anyone saying “no” once and if you did it was either so nice we did not mind, or it was because you had a better suggestion!

It appears, all our guests wish us to have an annual anniversary reunion at Trevenna, that’s how blooming great it was… Thank you x

With lots of love from A&C xxx

4th May 2014