New Beech Leaves!

Fresh Green Leaves

It happens every year, during the same two weeks in late April & early May, the ancient Beech Trees surrounding the entrance to Trevenna open their fresh lime leaves.

The woody structures of the dominating tree trunks and branches on show all winter are suddenly hidden with a display of tissue paper thin new leaves towering above the barns.

Arbour Lawn to Loft

View from the corner of the Oak Arbour licensed for outdoor wedding ceremonies, across the lawn to the Threshing Barn, beside the Granary, then Wagon House with the Loft Barn catching the afternoon sun under the Beech Trees.

Picture taken in the last week of April 2020 when some of the trees are in leaf.

 View from Arbour towards Barns

The daffodils alongside the stone aisle are almost done, having flowered in late February and during March.

The Giant Rhubarb next to the pond fence made an early start in 2020, growing huge leaves to catch the sun (and rain!).

Entrance to Top Yard

View coming down the lane when entering into the Top Yard, with the Loft on the right and Stable on the left, with the distant landscape being Berry Tor.

Arch of trees over the Trevenna Lane

In to the Fields

View from the Top Yard into into the farm fields. We used to have a rope swing hanging off this huge beech tree!


View into the fields from the Top Yard. 

The contrast between the delicate new leaves and the big blue skies is a welcome sight every year.