Lanes of Wild Flowers

Pink Campions

The lanes, winding between Trevenna’s fields on the approach to our White Gate are in full bloom from right now in the middle of May for a few more weeks.

The protracted 2 months of dry weather starting in March, through April and into May 2020 has been perfect for hedge growth (without the flowers being weighed over by the rain).

Pink Campions have shot up above the grasses before the ferns fully open, to bloom with masses of small pink flowers.

Hedge along the top road on the approach to Trevenna lane

The Bluebells seen between the Pink Campions and along the top of the hedge tend to start flowering a few weeks earlier, and are now overtaken by the show of pink magenta.

Hedge Conservation

The Hedges are clipped back each year to prevent the growth closing over the road.

A few years back, a new initiative made it illegal to trim the hedges before the spring nesting birds had taken flight. This comes after the wild flowers have gone to seed. The result has been a spectacular increase in wild flowers throughout Cornwall’s hedges.

Trevenna field hedge when approaching from Colliford Lake 

This stone and earth Cornish Hedge is providing a niche ecosystem of Oak, Pink Campion, Bluebells, Ferns and Hawthorn and many more plants.

Cornish Skyscrapers

From now on, ferns begin to push up through the grasses rolling out large fan like stems of green reaching for the big blue skies.

Bright green shoots of ferns along on the top of the hedges.